Rapid Deployment High Definition CCTV for Remote Surveillance Monitoring

The Rapid Deployment Kit is a one box, high definition, recorder/transmission unit - for remote monitoring. The video recorder securely and effectively captures, manages, transmits and stores multi-megapixel images. The CCTV remote monitoring equipment intelligently maximises the available bandwidth. This ensures an uninterrupted viewing stream.


  • Covert Video Surveillance
  • Asset Protection
  • Crime Hot Spot Monitoring
  • Crowd Control
  • Perimeter and Site Protection
  • Siege Hostage Surveillance:-3/4G connectivity provides footage to
  • Headquarters/Gold Command
  • Field battery pack available for remote locations
  • The remote CCTV surveillance video recorder can be deployed with our Field
  • Battery Packs and set up in minutes.

The video recorder will run for over 72 hours on a single 148Ah battery,
and approximately 140 hours with the 270Ah pack.

A competitively priced, powerful, covert HD CCTV

Just a single HD camera will enable operational commanders on the ground:-

  • to have overall situational awareness of the target area,
  • as well as detailing areas of interest such as windows, doors, garage areas and gate entrances, etc.

Secure local wireless transmission system

There is an in-built secure local wireless transmission system. This provides a wireless network and allows a number of teams/personnel to have access.

Versatile video surveillance settings