GSM Trembler Unit (GSMTU)

The GSMTU is a slim-line GSM, GPS alarm unit. It is designed to protect and track assets in the event of theft or tampering.

GSM Coverage 

The unit operates using the existing mobile phone network.

The user simply inserts a SIM card deploys the unit and follows a simple, text based, set-up procedure.

Worldwide Coverage

There is a satellite communications variant available for areas beyond the reach of WIFI or GSM coverage. This utilises the acclaimed Iridium SBD Satellite Communication System. It enables the receipt of short messages from anywhere in the World, providing there is a clear view to the sky.

How the alarm works

The unit detects movement or alarms from any attached sensors.

It then alerts the users via the mobile phone network or via satellite.

The unit uses its GPS system to track the asset.

It reports back to a user's mobile device - showing its current location on Google Maps.