We are experts in remote monitoring systems and technical surveillance solutions. We use the latest GSM and 3G/4G wireless technology to monitor:-

Remote battery status,

Remote compound security,

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sites,

Protect against asset theft or tampering

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Field Battery Packs

12v Lithium Ion Field Battery Pack (FBP)

Remote Applications Field Battery Pack (FBP) is a high capacity Lithium Ion battery pack. The M1 style 12v lithium battery is re-chargable making it extremely cost-effective. It is lightweight and specifically designed for use with covert and overt equipment in remote locations.

GSM Battery Monitoring Units

Range of Wireless GSM Battery Monitoring Units

We offer a versatile range of remote battery monitoring units.

GSM Trembler Units

GSM Trembler Unit (GSMTU)

The GSMTU is a slim-line GSM, GPS alarm unit. It is designed to protect and track assets in the event of theft or tampering.

Hi Definition CCTV Systems

Rapid Deployment High Definition CCTV for Remote Surveillance Monitoring

The Rapid Deployment Kit is a one box, high definition, recorder/transmission unit - for remote monitoring. The video recorder securely and effectively captures, manages, transmits and stores multi-megapixel images. The CCTV remote monitoring equipment intelligently maximises the available bandwidth. This ensures an uninterrupted viewing stream.

Miniature GSM Relay Swtich

Miniature 7.5 amp Remote GSM Relay Switch

Our small, slim-line, wireless relay switch is designed to be used with battery-powered remote equipment. The device enables the user to remotely switch equipment on and off.

Custom Made Products

We design and build be-spoke products for our clients.

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